21-8. Wednesday Bolsena - Montefiascone

26 augustus 2019 - Montefiascone, Italië

Start at 06.15 Coffee on the square. Russians are storting too. Nice vieuws on Bolsena Lake and ofcourse bloody hot and much climbing up. A part of the stage I walked on real old Roman pavement and through Parco di Turing. On the I passed the 100 km sign to Roma and around 12 I reached Montefiascone by passing the special church San Flaviano. At 12.45 I entered the big gate and entered the centre of the city of: Est, Est, Est and 100 km from Roma. i had lasagne for lunch and looked around the place with many churches. At 3 I checked in at Monestrro di San Pietro where nuns run the place. At 19.00 we had a pelgrimsdinner in the monestery and beside me and an Italian girl there were again Olga and Alexander. After Dinner we had a goodbye drink on the square because this was their last day. Today 20 km Total 749

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    27 augustus 2019

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