28-8 Wednesday Rome (Vatican St. Peter's Square)

4 september 2019 - Rome, Vaticaanstad

Awake at 7 and at 07.30 I had a seat on St. Peter's Square to see

the Pope ! The sun was already burning and around 09.30 the Pope

arrived and did his round and speech and at the end he blessed

everybody. After that I had a coffee and talk in de Friezenkerk and

later that day I received my Testimonium together with the last stamp.

Because I was ready with the thousands of tourists and the bloody

heath I decided to go to Paris this night and had a FLIXbus Rome-

Paris at 22.45

I am very happy that I made it !

It was very heavy, specially the burning sun and the climbings,

but I don't regret to have done it. I met very many interesting people,

we slept in very special places, I enjoyed the beautiful nature and also

enjoyed the quietness on the way.

Ofcourse it was a pitty that Anne could not make it  walking to Rome

on time, but fortunally she got her Testimonium too in Rome.

So her my stories ends and I thank you for following me and I say

maybe till next year when I will walk The Camino del Norte in Spain.

To everybody:   PACE E BENE 

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  1. Ruud:
    5 september 2019
    Hoi Hennie, respect met een grote P! Weer een bestemming gehaald 👍

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