24-8 Saterday Vetralla - Sutri

4 september 2019 - Sutri, Italië

05.45 coffee at the monastery. Start at 6 together with the French couple.

Today it was a little bit cloudy and for a short time it rained !!!! From Regina

Pacis Monestary along a church built with limestone and then through the

hazelnut Woods in the direction of Casale della Capannacce (old pelgrims

restplace) I passed the very old Torre D'Orlando and some Roman ruines.

At 10.30 I reached Capranica and had a coffee break and visited the cathedrale.

Further through the (wild) woods with some very difficult passages over the

small rivers. At 13.00 I reached Sutri and along the archeologic route (Via Cava,

Etruscan necropolis, Roman Amphitheater) I reached the old centre at 14.00

I had a few drinks (again bloody hot and much climbings) and had a look at the

beautiful cathedrale, the entrance gate and the fountain. At 15.00 I checked in

at Casa Vacanze LA TORRE and had a shower and a little "dutje" At 19.30 dinner

at Trattoria "LA SFERA D'ORO (the French too) and after that to bed

Today 25 km Total 820 km


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