25-8 Sunday Sutri - Campagnano di Roma

4 september 2019 - Campagnano di Roma, Italië

Usual times to get up and start walking. Through the parc out of Sutri.

The route went through Woods and fields and a very big golf course.

At 9 I reached Monterosi with the baroque church of San Guiseppe.

Usual temperature and climbings. Later I passed the Monte Gelato Falls

(very many Italian people) and also the French couple, At 14.00 I reached

Campagnano di Roma and after a drink I had a look at the churches, town

hall, fountains etc. At 15.00 I went to my sleeping place Ostello Sant'Andrea

(4 beds)  After the shower I watched an Italian wedding and around 19.30 I

had a good dinner at the square At 22.00 I closed my eyes.

Today 30 km Total 850 km

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