27-8 Tuesday La Storta - Rome

4 september 2019 - Vatican City, Vaticaanstad

Start at 6 where I met the French couple again. Coffee in the first bar.

The first 5 km went along the very busy Via Cassia passing La Giustiniana.

Then a long time through Parco dell'Insugherata on the way to Parco Monte

Mario. At 11 I was on the top of Monte Mario (Mountain of Joy) and you had a beautiful vieuw

on Rome: the Olympic Stadium and ofcourse the St. Peter's Basilique. The last km

I followed the Via Trionfale and after passing the Leonine Walls i reached St. Peter's

Square at 12.00. The French couple was already there and together we made a lot of


After a good lunch, at 3 I went to the Friezenkerk to get a stamp and the special document of walking

to Rome. After that I searched my booked appartement but this was not very easy. With the help

of 2 Brasilian women finally we succeeded to get in.

After the shower I did another round at the St. Peter's Square and had dinner next to my sleeping


Today 25 km Total 900

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